Send anonymous email

Send email messages from a generated temporary email anonymously, privately and for free. Use this online tool to make anonymous complaints, pranks, etc. Sending SPAM, harassing messages and/or threats is not allowed. You will be able to receive and read the messages sent to your temporary email.

Send an email anonymously?

Sending an anonymous mail or email consists of sending a message to a person's email address hiding the true sender, that is, without showing the email address of the person sending the message.

Our service allows you to send an anonymous message every 30 minutes. The email sent will have your temporary email as sender and the recipient can reply to the message.

Why send an anonymous email?

The reasons why you would need to send an anonymous email are many, but the main ones are:

  • Make an anonymous report by sending a message without revealing your identity
  • You need to send a message quickly to your personal email or to a friend's
  • Play pranks on colleagues and friends

It is not allowed to use our service to carry out threats, harassment and/or any illegal activity. The recipient user can decide not to receive any more messages from our application and therefore, will not be able to send you any more messages.

Can I know if the message was delivered and read?

Yes, our application allows you to know the delivery status of your anonymous mail.

After sending an anonymous message, we will send a message to your temporary email indicating if your message was sent successfully or there was an error in sending. Likewise, when the recipient user opens and reads your message, we will send you another message to your temporary email indicating that your message has been read.